Melbourne’s tram network connects a fabulous web of pathways through historic gardens, bushland, rivers, creeks, parklands and beaches.

Trams pass through streetscapes; our walks explore the landscapes; enjoy Melbourne both ways.

We have designed 20 walks with interest for all ages; all are accessible by tram. New walks will be progressively posted.  Many of the walks can be shortened or lengthened by a connecting walk or tram route.

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Walk Maribyrnong River and Newmarket Saleyards, Kensington

July 7, 2013

Walk Maribyrnong River via historic Newmarket Saleyards, along original bluestone pathways shaded by peppercorns, past post and rail fences and stock pens. There are  fascinating history boards along the way to read. Kensington, Newmarket Saleyards and Maribyrnong River are full of interest.

Walk Maribyrnong River is a relaxed walk for any age.

Newmarket Saleyards to Maribyrnong River MapThe medium density housing and community areas built on the remaining Newmarket Saleyards site in the 1980’s blend sensitively with this well preserved historic precinct. The original stock routes have become delightful community routes leading down to wonderful panoramic views of the Maribyrnong River, a beautiful meandering grand river that is rapidly regaining its beauty.

    • Walking Distance: 10 km loop walk
    • Hop On: Tram 57 Stop 1 signed West Maribyrnong in Elizabeth St at Flinders Street
    • Hop Off: Stop 26 Newmarket Plaza in Racecourse Road
    • Travel Time: Stop 1 to 26, 28 minutes

Download and print off your free map…. Newmarket to Maribyrnong River

Walk Maribyrnong River via Historic Newmarket

  • Walk Maribyrnong RiverAs you hop off the tram you will see a park on your left with a small war memorial Walk through the park and straight ahead into Market Street
  • Turn right at the first street, Deveney St. and you begin walking on the bluestone paths of the old stock routes
  • Most of the old stockyards precinct is directly ahead of you before you turn left down the walking path
  • From here down to the river the bluestone paths lead the way.  There are occasionally two options however all lead to the river




Walk Maribyrnong RiverSpecial Interest: The saleyards, buildings and 1939 Clock Tower.  Museum Victoria’s excellent web site for the history of Newmarket Saleyards

Pop in behind the high post and rail fence now used as a community vegetable garden. Imagine the auctioneers standing along the raised covered veranda calling for bids, the hustle the noises and the smells.




Walk Maribyrnong RiverCommunity: The Women’s Peace Garden. We had the pleasure of meeting Anne a local resident who took time to share her joy of the garden and saleyards. “Every season something is in flower; the grape growing over the stone walk is beautiful in autumn”. She also felt the development of Newmarket saleyards for housing, retaining areas of historical significance and community space has been very well done.





  • Walk Maribyrnong RiverCross over the Maribyrnong River bridge and turn right. At times the pathway is shared and at times it breaks off along sidetracks through water cleaning/regeneration wetlands

Side Trip: on reaching a shelter and an out door stage directly opposite the stands at Flemington Racecourse you will see the old palms of the Edwardian period public garden, Footscray Park. Well worth a visit. The friends of Footscray Park have been instrumental in preserving the history of the park and its Edwardian period public garden.


Treat: Meeting Veronica and her family; Francesco the barista serving excellent coffee on the riverbank by Footscray Park and son Dominico the 4-year-old cashier. Francesco ran a café off Piazza del Signoria in Florence. If you miss them on your walk you can contact this roving service at

  • Walk Maribyrnong RiverJust before Jacks Magazine surrounded by a marvellous bluestone fence, turn left along a gravel path passing through the wetlands curving to the left for your return loop.
  • There is signage explaining the excellent way stormwater is being cleaned before entering the river providing both a marina for local residents and habit for a wide range of birds.



Special; Interest: Jack’s Magazine is a virtually intact complex of 19th century, bluestone, and gunpowder storage buildings. For more on Jacks Magazine

  • Hop On: Tram 57 Stop 26 at Newmarket Plaza in Racecourse Road
  • Travel time: Stop 26 to Stop 1 at Flinders St. is 28 minutes
  • For your next walk check out the list of Melbourne Walks


 Walk Maribyrnong River

Walk Maribyrnong River









Thanks Trish and John for introducing us to the Newmarket Saleyards precinct


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One thought on “Walk Maribyrnong River and Newmarket Saleyards, Kensington

  • The Kensington, Newmarket Saleyards, were a fascinating walk. An undiscovered treasure of bluestone paths and shady peppercorns, to tread and walk beneath. So much history behind post and rail fencing, and rusting hinges and bolts holding some of them together.
    Low density housing in sympathy to the historical environment and community gardens lying fallow til spring planting.
    The river promenade so peaceful, bikes, prams, joggers and stragglers all sharing the same pathway. Fishermen with buckets full of freshly caught bream. The river would be a spectacle on a day when a regatta was held at the Footscray Rowing club or the Melbourne Cup at Flemington across the river. Enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline on the return walk.
    We thoroughly enjoyed treading this path.
    Thank you, we look forward to our next Tram/Walk.

    Comment from: Mary, Ross & John

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